Shaping our Digital Future Part I: Fund Digital Infrastructure

Map of U.S.A. with words “Shaping Our Digital Future Part I”

By Harish Rao, Founder & CEO Interpersonal Frequency

Shaping our Digital Future Part I: Fund Digital Infrastructure

About this Series:
In the coming months, I’ll be sharing ten lists of ideas for things we need to do now to ensure that our digital future is as bright and booming as possible. It’s not too late to fix the mistakes of the past and create a firm foundation for the years ahead, but our prosperity and well-being at every level of American society will depend on confronting these challenges and taking meaningful action.

Fund Digital Infrastructure
Our nation’s digital infrastructure is outdated, undersized, and insecure. Without investing in it and treating it like an essential foundation, rather than a “gee-whiz” extra line item, any new programs or vital reforms that our government seeks to enact won’t be able to get off the ground and up to scale.

Here’s what we need to do:

  1. Create a Federal Department of Technology to invest in the interconnectivity of federal, state, and local government infrastructure. Appoint a change-making CTO to lead the agency and give them the resources and budget to implement real solutions.

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